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Grief, Support, and Bereavement


Quick Tips for Support

Our Bereavement Team provides support for family, caregivers and friends involved in caring for the individual. This support starts during care and continues after through our bereavement program. These resources are provided to anyone in the community at no cost.

  • Accept some loneliness, which is normal.
  • Keep good company, both old and new.
  • Be gentle on yourself, try not to judge harshly.
  • Try to get extra sleep, exhaustion is common.
  • Embrace all emotions, practice self-regulation.
  • Set and keep a regular sleep schedule.
  • Start exercising, build it up over time.
  • Talk to your Doctor, recognize depression.
  • Maintain structure in your day.
  • Make a list of daily activities and set goals.

Grief Support Group

The Azorna Hospice Grief Support Group meets quarterly on the last Tuesday of the month. Virtual Attendees may choose to participate in listen-only mode, audio-only, or audio and visual mode. Provide your email address and we'll send you more information.

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