Supportive Help That Provides Comfort and Quality of Life

Our caring Hospice professionals develop an understanding of your needs and work with you to provide the emotional, spiritual, and medical support to face the final stages of life.

Explore The Benefits

Find out how we can help you, your colleagues, your patients, and their families experience end-of-life care from our advanced illness experts while honoring patients’ wishes and values.

  • Transitional Care — From Hospital to Home Safe

    We will meet with you during your hospital stay and coordinate support services to help get you back home safely. Our program provides Follow Up Care to help reduce the risk of rehospitalization.

  • High Acuity Care — Crisis Care

    No matter how complex or challenging a patient’s symptoms, we offer hospice and palliative care solutions that many other providers do not. We'll develop a unique Care Plan to address all unmet needs.

  • Community Education

    Our speakers present to community, business, healthcare and professional groups. Topics include hospice and palliative care, dementia care and grief support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for Hospice Care?

Anyone with a serious illness who doctors think has a short time to live (generally 6 months or less) usually qualifies for hospice care. For Medicare to pay for hospice care, patients must stop medical treatment intended to cure or control their illness.

When should I begin Hospice Care?

It’s important to talk with your doctor about your illness and how your disease is progressing. Starting hospice early may be able to provide months of meaningful care and quality time. If you're unsure, call Azorna Healthcare and ask for an evaluation.

Is there a difference between in-home Hospice or a Hospice House aka Inpatient Unit (IPU)?

No difference. Azorna Healthcare is a medical provider licensed to provide both in-home hospice care and facility based (inpatient) care. For inpatient care we partner with multiple highly rated facilities throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Can I receive Hospice Care if I live in a nursing home or adult care home?

Hospice can be provided in many settings such as a private home, nursing home, assisted living facility, or in a hospital. Many people choose to receive hospice care at home so their friends and family can visit as they wish.

What are the benefits of using Hospice Care?

Studies have shown that when a person enrolls in Hospice Care they are more likely to have increased family satisfaction and better symptom and pain management.

Does Hospice include 24/7 care?

While some may think hospice provides full-time care, this is rarely the case. Although hospice provides a lot of support, most of the day-to-day care of a person dying is provided by family and friends. However, a person from a hospice care team is always available by phone 24/7.

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